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Statie lipire inteligenta de precizie MaAnt HT-C210

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  • This product is equipped with a C210-018 soldering head as standard
  • Memory temperature control, CH1/CH2 sets the common temperature, when working, you can reach the set temperature by simply pressing
  • The temperature rises rapidly, the tin is melted in 2 seconds, the temperature compensation is strong, and the temperature recovery is fast
  • The device adopts 32-bit high-performance chip to precisely control the temperature so that the temperature error is controlled within 2 degrees
  • The dormancy line connects the host and the seat. The handle is removed and put down for automatic induction, the handle is put down for automatic dormancy
  • The handle is automatically heated to the set temperature for intelligent dormancy and operation
  • Thermal insulation silicone sleeve cotton sleeve, double protection, fire resistance, anti-scalding, and anti-skid, safe to use
  • The multifunctional seat is designed with additional holes for the placement of the soldering iron head to better clean the workbench and replace the soldering iron head
  • The heating core integrated soldering head can be disassembled and replaced in 2 seconds, which is convenient and fast, with seamless design, fast heat conduction, oxidation resistance, and easy to tin
  • Good display effect rich colors, high-end atmosphere
  • No pressure for solder joints with a constant temperature of 30~500°C, supporting the wide voltage 110V-220V of all countries in the world
  • A high-performance chip is used to intelligently control sleep and wake up to bid farewell to tedious work and improve work efficiency
  • One-hand control, easy to carry, convenient to travel, solves the problem of traditional welding travel is difficult to carry


  • Power supply: 120W
  • Input AC voltage: AC 100V~240V
  • Input DC voltage: DC 12V
  • Heating power: 72W
  • Resistance of soldering iron head to the ground: <2Ω
  • Solder head-to-ground voltage: <2mV
  • Temperature control range: 30℃-500℃
  • Temperature control mode: Key temperature control
  • Host size: 143*142*42mm
  • Package size: 210*173*111mm
  • Display screen size: 45*38mm

Soldering Iron:

  • Power consumption: 72W
  • Standard: C210 soldering
  • Nozzle: iron blade K
  • Handle material: Silica gel
  • Handle line length: About 150cm
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