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Statie de lipit de precizie Sunshine GVM T245 130W

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130W high power, automatic sleep / 3 seconds melting tin / extremely fast temperature recovery /, LCD liquid crystal display / suitable for C245 series soldering iron tips, GVM T245 I mobile phone repair constant temperature soldering station

Suitable for electronic maintenance, such as electronic factory welding workshop, electronic maintenance, mobile phone maintenance

3S tin rapid heating

2 seconds to heat up, 3 seconds to melt tin, the size of the solder joint is not difficult

Heating core welding

The two-in-one iron head does not need to disassemble the handle, and it can be disassembled and replaced in 2 seconds. Say goodbye to cumbersome, plug-and-play, one-piece design, efficient heat conduction and temperature recovery, reduce heat loss, and easy to tin

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